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Awaken~The Divine You®
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A Stage to Become a Self-Master with More Esoteric & Life Reality Discoveries
  • 9-level Chakras Activation & Higher Level Spiritual Cleansing
  • Keeping Balance Between Physical Reality & Spiritual Reality
  • Discipline: Code of Conduct for Lightworkers / Greeting Your Fellow Beings
  • Meeting Your Angel Guides & Connecting to Higher Ascended Masters
  • Deeper Level Heart Chakra Activation, Cleansing, Healing & Empowerment
  • 3rd Eye Higher Level Activation –
    Part 1 (activation, projection to send love & healing energy)
  • Past Life Regression (awareness & practice)
  • Connecting to Mother Nature & Mother Earth
  • Energy Purification of Water & Food Before Consumption
  • Psychic Protection of Personal Effects
  • Group Healing
  • Celebration Part 2: “Awaken ~ The Divine You” with Astral Travel
  • ......and much more will be covered at a deeper and higher level
Disclaimer and Self-Responsibility

Alternative therapy provides a form of healing that is holistic and does not replace any treatment or medication(s) you may be receiving. Alternative therapy takes into account the emotional, mental and spiritual needs, including those of the physical body. Thus, it may or may not provide the results you expect.
This is one form of increasing and helping your well-being. Please continue with the treatment(s) and medication(s) you are undergoing. The Golden Space ® & or ShivShakti Healing & Consultancy will not be responsible or held liable for the choices you make.

* Courses can be postponed due to unforeseen circumstances or not meeting the minimum number of participants per course. Participant will be notified at earliest possible chance (if any).
* Results from courses can vary case by case, depending on the students performance during courses: commitment, readiness and timing at every level of the courses